News September 10, 2019

SNUG – A new way to play

Play is children’s work – and at Hessel we take that work seriously! We are excited to support children’s play with Snug – a large scale, flexible, loose parts play system.

The possibilities of Snug play equipment are limited only by the child’s imagination.

The playground consists of large scale, inter-related, colourful and flexible shapes that offer children endless play combinations.

At Hessel, outdoor play is an integral part of a child’s physical and social development. The Snug system provides opportunities for children to use their imagination and creativity during play.

As the loose parts are oversized, Snug requires collaboration by children to move, stack and manipulate the shapes into their preferred design. It can then be taken apart and reconstructed into their next desired form.

It promotes children’s physical literacy as they climb, jump, balance, lift, push and drag the equipment. It encourages children to take risks in a safe environment, and gives children the satisfaction of being able to change their own surroundings.

Loose parts give children the opportunity to be curious, creative and direct their own play. Learning is so much richer this way!

Snug supports our little learners to problem solve and concentrate while building gross motor skills and language development.

Our littlest learners aren’t forgotten with “Aliens” a small, compact loose parts kit designed specifically for younger children.

Come and try Snug and Aliens at a stay and play today!

For more information about this innovative play equipment, you can visit sutcliffeplay.co.uk.

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