Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

Nutrition and healthy eating habits are crucial to the development of children. This is why we have partnered with Sprout to design a holistic nutritional program specifically for children aged 0-5

Sprout are a South Australian organisation that offers both catering services and cooking and food preparation education. A perfect partner for Hessel Children’s Centre, Sprout’s team of experienced chefs and dietitians have designed fresh, healthy and delicious menus to ensure all nutritional needs of our children are met.

Our menus are in line with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and have been designed to meet the nutritional needs of children aged 0-5. Our menus meet 100% of a child’s daily recommended fruit intake, 50-75% of a child’s recommended daily grain and cereal, vegetable and lean meat and alternative intake and 75% of a child’s recommended daily dairy and alternative intake.

Allergy Safety
We believe in creating a safe and inclusive eating environment for all our children. Our centre can cater for specific dietary requirements and all of our staff are trained in how to manage allergic reactions through both food intake and touch. This means you can have complete confidence in your child’s nutrition and care.

Communal Dining Spaces
Meal times at Hessel Children’s Centre are about so much more than just food! Our communal dining spaces inspire times of rich connection and family as we gather together and highlight the importance of nutrition and instil an awareness of the importance of healthy eating.

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