Since October 2019 we have been providing childhood education and care services to local families. See what they have to say about Hessel Children’s Centre.

“I wanted to let you and all the Wombat room staff know that Jude was crying yesterday when we got in the lift to come home because he wanted to stay at childcare!!!!! This is a HUGE improvement for Jude.  

 Please thank all the Wombat room staff for me – Lexi, Jason, Jess, Ash, Millie – for being SO AMAZING and consistently kind and welcoming to Jude.  He actually looks forward to going now and it makes me so happy.  

 I speak to many parents who talk of the educators at the childcare centre their little ones go to changing all the time – but Jude has had the same educators for 9 months now and this has been vital to help him settle in. You must be creating a wonderful workplace for your amazing staff!” 

I became a mum for the first time back in 2019 and making the decision to return to work earlier than expected and having to choose a child care centre for my son, was a really challenging decision. I wanted to get it right and make sure that when not in my care, my son was being nurtured, comforted and cared for.

We looked at a few different centres but what set Hessel apart from the rest  for us was the passion and sense of family you can feel throughout the whole centre. Not just one person, but all educators. My son has now transitioned through 3 rooms and each room has a consistent level of care, education and passion for the children.

My son has learnt many skills earlier than I would have ever expected through the learning programs at Hessel and made many little friends but also many big friends too (educators). It is clear that the educators and especially the Director love what they do and go above and beyond to ensure the children feel safe and happy in their care. I cannot recommend them enough and can’t wait for my newest addition (little girl) to join the Hessel family in the coming months.

— Tara Gracie

My name is Luisa Campos, I am Lucas mum, and I am very pleased and excited to share our experience at Hessel Children’s Centre:

First of all, I never thought about putting my son at childcare. I always thought he would be better off with me and my family. This is because what matters most to me is someone giving care and love to him…

Well, the pandemic came, my brother returned to Brazil in November 2020 and I had no option of family to help me as they were all overseas. Hence, I had to find a place where my 1 and half year old boy would go so I could work.

I started to ask around friends about childcare centres, and Hessel Children’s Centre was highly recommended by great friends. So, I visited a few centres and certainly the one that caught my attention was Hessel.

I remember the first visit when I arrive and there was a daddy picking up his little girl. The girl in the reception talked to him, called him by his name, had a small chat about what was going on in his daughter day. This caught my attention, I realized that this was exactly what I was looking for for my son! A place where he would be special, people would know my name, my story, my sons name, his needs, everything… he wouldn’t just be another kid in a room full of kids!

I explained that my son didn’t speak English because we speak Portuguese at home and this was never an issue. All educators was keen to learn new words In Portuguese and did everything so he would be able to catch up the language 🙂 One day I came to pick up my son and one educator was singing “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” in Portuguese. This was priceless to me.

In addition, I realized that my son was always in the educators laps, full of love and lots of cuddles… This was soooo important to me, because he felt good and safe in this environment. My son has learned sooooo much since he started in November 2020, we gradually increased his days and time and now he gets sad when its weekend and there is no school. I am so pleased he loves this experience and thankful for all the educators that makes his day fun overall.

He is learning new skills everyday, eating healthy food, socializing with friends, and most importantly he is happy there!

I love the fact that the staff are always the same, because they are happy too and this reflects on our little ones. I wouldn’t be comfortable if my son would get a new educator looking at him every month. So this is just great!!!

Based on this amazing experience I keep recommending the centre to friends and they all share the same opinion as me…

If you are looking to a nice, lovely place to make your little one happy, certainly Hessel Children’s Centre is the best option!!!

I just love the Hessel family and will miss everyone so much now that I am moving interstate!!!


Luisa and Lucas

— Luisa Campos

I joined the Hessel family nearly two years ago.

One thing that really impressed me was the family feel from all the staff, especially Hana the Centre Director. The support I have received, and continue to receive is incredible. And Hana makes every one of us feel supported and appreciated.

My children attended Hessel children centre first, and from the first day I knew that this is also where I wanted to work. With the help of Hana I made the big career change from hospitality to childcare, and with the mentoring and support I have received I managed to finish my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and have now started my diploma.

Elise Zagari, parent and lead educator.

— Elise Zagari

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your ongoing support over the 4 years Archie has attended Hessel, from the very first meeting you have been so supportive!

Anytime there has been anything I needed to share you have always followed it through with the educators. The site has continuously improved over the past 3 years which is a credit to you.

I have always spoken so highly of Hessel and will continue to do so if anyone ever asks for a recommendation. Your team are all so engaged with the families, have strong connections with the children and have such a passion for providing a rich learning environment for the children which reflects their interests and develops strengths in developmental areas. I have seen Archie thrive and grow!”

— Paige, Parent 
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