Our state-of-the-art centre offers vibrant indoor and outdoor spaces over two levels, providing a safe, secure and engaging environment for children to learn, grow and play.

Our spaces nurture children’s natural curiosities, inspire critical thinking and stimulate imaginative and dramatic play. Our environment is safe and clean with a strong focus on natural, open-ended resources and sustainable practices.

To foster a true sense of community, in addition to our 5 dedicated age-based day rooms, we also offer contemporary shared spaces to support children’s learning, creativity and wellbeing. Our purpose-built shared spaces include creative facilities, a communal dining room, a music room, outdoor play areas.

Creative Facilities
Our creative spaces allow children to explore the creative arts in a fun and engaging environment.

Communal Dining & Kitchen
Our dining and kitchen spaces provide the opportunity to be involved with cooking processes, and build awareness of healthy eating.

Music Room
The Hessel Children’s Centre is excited to offer music therapy as an allied health service designed to support wellbeing through expression, communication and development.

Music therapy provides avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words, as well as emotional support for children and families and an outlet for expression of feelings.

Our music room is a specially designed space for our music therapy program. In a therapeutic context, children’s abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives

Outdoor Play Areas
Our centre offers additional outdoor play areas that are safe and secure, complementing our indoor learning and play spaces.

Hessel Children's Centre
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