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Congratulations Kingsley!

We all start somewhere!

For Kingsley who is shy just of turning 21, her working life commenced at the iconic Australian business, Boost Juice for 4 years. This working environment suited her, with a vibrant workplace, fresh produce and a loyal customer base, Kingsley’s confidence and personality flourished and prepared her well for the next phase of her career.

But, what would that be? like most young people, the options are unlimited to the point where it can actually be confusing as to what direction to take. Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Courses, University, Part-time, Full-time, Education, Retail, Public Service, Volunteering, Health and we have just scratched the surface.


Kingsley is a devoted elder sibling with a ‘no pressure’ mother, Hana who also happens to be the Director of Hessel Children’s Centre (HCC) Port Adelaide. She would often see the joy of the industry that her mum would bring home but witness the challenges too. Kingsley would often volunteer in the children’s centre while waiting for Hana to finish for the day and with this experience she decided to pursue a career in Early Learning.

Kingsley applied for a traineeship opportunity with Hessel GTO and was successful which saw her commence working 4 days a week at HCC while studying 1 day a week with Enhance Training RTO 40387 for her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care CHC30121. Kimberlee from MAS National administered the training contract and Field Officer, Bernie Crafter ensured Kingsley’s traineeship was off to a smooth and exciting start.

“Kingsley has made excellent connections with children, families and staff and has a thorough understanding of individual children’s routines. She is excellent at communicating with families and staff.” Hana Simes, Centre Director Hessel Children’s Centre.

Hessel Group Christmas Party 2022 – Some of our HCC team like we rarely see them.

As part of the traineeship, Bernie would conduct regular check ins with Kingsley to assess the progress of her study and that she was supported in both her training and her workplace. Bernie would also check in with her host employer, HCC to ensure they were achieving just as much from the traineeship experience as the trainee.

Observing Kingsley’s development and progress within her role as an Educator has been a truly incredible experience.  Despite initial challenges with her studies, she persevered with determination and achieved remarkable results. I’m so proud of Kingsley’s traineeship journey, I wish her all the best for her future endeavours as there’s no doubt that she will continue to excel.

Congratulations Kingsley 😊 ! – Bernie Crafter – Field Officer

Drawing back on that valuable experience from working at Boost Juice, one of Kingsley’s strengths is communication where she quickly connected with not only the children but forged trusting relationships with their parents. She also became an integral part of the HCC team where she enjoyed learning from her peers but also developed professional relationships and friendships expanding her network that will support her now and well into the future.

“Everything is going really well. I am feeling confident building new relationships with families and children and feel as though these relationships are very strong! I get very excited to co

me to work and engage

with the children. Planning new activities and understandi

ng the children’s interests.” Kingsley Simes, Early Childhood Education & Care Trainee.

Hessel Group and Enhance Training are excited to have played a role in welcoming another skilled, committed and confident educator to the industry and we know the future is very bright for Kingsley Simes. Congratulations from the Hessel Family.


Study for a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care CHC30121

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