News August 11, 2023

Seena Completes Her Traineeship!

There’s nothing like challenging yourself, facing obstacles head on, persevering through some surprising challenges yet coming out the other side with a whole new career, outlook on life, broader network, skills and a nationally recognised qualification.


Hessel Children’s Centre Director, Hana Simes with Educator, Seena celebrating her traineeship completion.

This summarises Seena’s transition to a new career as an Educator in Early Learning.

As a loved mother and new grandmother, Seena was looking for her next challenge professionally and after watching her daughter in law thrive in her new career as an Educator, she started investigating her options. With two young grandchildren attending Hessel Children’s Centre in Port Adelaide, Seena had the opportunity to speak with Centre Director, Hana Simes who directed her to Hessel GTO to explore a traineeship to become an educator.

Seena was offered a traineeship where she would study for her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30121) with Enhance Training RTO 40387 while working part-time with Hessel Children’s Centre. A traineeship allowed Seena to earn and learn at the same time while also being supported by her trainer, colleagues and Field Officer, Bernie Crafter.

Kimberlee from Apprenticeship Network Provider, MAS National, administered Seena’s Training Contract and a pathway to a new, flexible career was launched.

Commencing work straight away showed Seena just how fast a day in Early Learning can go. The tasks are endless and they need to be prioritised to ensure routines and activities run smoothly. You also need to be a very good communicator which Seena excelled in, she listens to her colleagues and is able to bring her experience and knowledge to navigate challenging situations through the day.


“I love being with the children and helping them to understand their behaviour or watch them enjoy activities or listening to all the important things they need to share with me.” Seena, Early Childhood Educator.

As a valued team member of Hessel Children’s Centre, Seena is always happy to support where she can and extend on her on-the-job learning.


“Seena has made incredible connections with families and children. She brings her extensive life skills and knowledge to her role.” Hana Simes, Hessel Children’s Centre Director.

As a trainee, Seena received regular check-ins from many sources to ensure she is progressing and comfortable. It provided an environment where any problems can be raised and addressed to promote positive outcomes. Bernie, as Field Officer was a constant source of encouragement. Like most of us, self doubt can creep into our lives when it never really needs to and create bumps in the road but through these check-ins Bernie, Hana and Seena were able to formulate plans to overcome the challenges and balance home, work and study to complete the traineeship.


“Seena has been an absolute delight to mentor, observing her remarkable growth and ongoing learning journey as an Educator. Her outstanding character shines through, exemplifying wonderful values and a deep affection for the children she cares for. Affectionately known as “Nonna” among everyone at Hessel Children’s Centre, she naturally draws people to her with her magnetic personality. Collaborating with Seena has truly been a rewarding experience, and I wish her all the best! Congratulations” 😊 – Bernie Crafter, Field Officer


Hessel GTO Field Officer, Bernie congratulates Seena!

We congratulate Seena on becoming a new skilled and qualified educator in an industry that needs more dedicated an passionate workers. She is a wonderful addition to Hessel Children’s Centre and the sector as a whole.

If you’re interested in pursing a flexible and rewarding career, check out Enhance Training’s courses that can help give you the skills and confidence to thrive.

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